New application for Additional Licence

One application is required per property.

When submitting your application you will need to provide:

A floor plan showing the room sizes in metric units. You’ll need to label the usage of every room including bathrooms and ensuites and show the location of smoke/heat detectors and carbon monoxide alarms. This plan does not need to be drawn by a professional.

A fire risk assessment (FRA) – if you don’t have a current FRA at the time of your application you will be issued with a 1-year licence and a special condition will be added to your licence requiring you to get an FRA for your HMO.

Please visit for more information regarding FRA's.

Safety certificates – all current and satisfactory at the time of application:

  • Gas safety certificate (if relevant)
  • A satisfactory Electrical Installation Condition Report (EICR)
  • Fire Alarm Test Certificate (if relevant)
  • Emergency lighting (if installed) – annual check
  • A PAT certificate for any appliances supplied by the landlord. If the items are new, then a copy of receipts will be sufficient

Optional items

The following documents are optional but are required to meet the criteria for a five-year licence.

EPC Certificate - Please refer to to find an assessor or retrieve an existing certificate.

Details of accreditation if you are an accredited landlord or agent (copy of certificate or reference number) with an accrediting body recognised by the council (Note: to qualify for a five-year licence you will require proof that you are accredited with a recognised accreditation body).

Licence Fee

The licence fee is payable in two parts:

  • Stage 1 fee: Application Fee - For houses in multiple occupation (HMOs) which contain 2 or more units of accommodation (1)
  • Stage 2 fee: Licence Issue Fee

The Stage 1 fee is payable on submission of your application. The Stage 2 fee is payable once the council has decided to propose to grant a licence. An additional HMO licence will not be granted until the Stage 2 fee has been paid.

(1) A unit of accommodation refers to a single letting unit, which may be a bedroom, a bedsitting room, or a self-contained unit.

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